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Commando Burton

Joined: 30 June 2007
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30 June 2007 14:11 (UK time)

Ok this is EVERY thing you need right here:getting Mods On Renegade: First go to this web site ( copy and paste it on the thing that you put the address for example: paste it there and it will take you to a download and download it. It is a Mod the download is so fast and comes with MORE WORK now you have the download now you have a program called (Search) that IS REALLY NEEDED!! Now you see the Search press the (All files and folders press on that now you see a thing that you can put words in put words in the one that says (All or part of the file name) write Renegade Search and wait tell you see a file called (Command & Conquer RenegadeTM)(Note if this does not work use the program Run and press Browse and look for Renegade.) Press it go in it then you see a file called (Renegade) now go in that look for a file called (data) go in that. now you see your file that you just downloaded a while ago ok select the (downloaded file) and put in the Search (in the data) even if you have Renegade up and on a game you can do this A helpful suggestion if you have a good Computer KEEP Search running. Now test and you have to (be NOD) it out BUT one hint if you have the a mod in your data file and you have being playing in a game (Note: NOT ON SOME ONES SEVER ONLY YOUR SEVER OR ON MULTILAYER PRACTICE) you have to buy a car or tank anything in your tank select to buy. And if you start your game with the mod in you have it falling all (Note the mod will continue if you started renegade with the mod in) the time and you cant make any car or tank only this will stop if you take out the mod file. A simple way of getting out of the game with out quiting it is press (Ctrl+Esc) or (Ctrl+Alt+Delete) that will get you started! If anyone has a faster idea please tell me but i think i got the best system here. And if you know where to get the Sea Shore Canon mod PLEASE Let me know.

Edited: 30 June 2007 14:20

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