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Joined: 23 January 2005
Posts: 745
11 September 2005 00:23 (UK time)

For those who don't want to wait so long to open the other H2M2 thread, lets continue the h2m2 conversation here. With 72 replies on the other thread, it was time for a cleanout anyway.

Still pinned down by school but over the weekends i'm getting some stuff done.

Now please don't be disappointed by any of this, but don't get your hopes up about H2M2. It will <b>most likely</b> be released, but there is a chance it wont, because of copyright issues. Frankly I don't want to go through the whole copyright shabang. We'll see how easy it will be to get a lisense to use Halo 2's stuff...until then don't get too ecstatic about it.

Edited: 11 September 2005 00:24

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Joined: 02 November 2003
Posts: 979
11 September 2005 04:00 (UK time)

I have doubts wiether or not its a copywright infringements. Take soldat for example. There have got to be 100's of Halo mods, with the sounds and everything.

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Joined: 16 June 2005
Posts: 1599
11 September 2005 04:21 (UK time)

Not me, boy! My youngest brother crashes my time by playing some kind of silly mod, but still I got yesterday my 4th mission ready.

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