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Joined: 06 October 2004
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01 January 2005 18:57 (UK time)

#-1 in version 1.4, conveyor belts CAN pull objects & player through walls, so don't put walls over belts if you can help it.

#0 running speed of player = 6 (belt speed)

#1 bending a very wide track:
you may notice that your objects keep bunching into single file.
If you're doing a 90 degree turn, the tracks should meet at a 45 degree angle. For a 120 degree turn, meet at a 60 degree angle. If it looks too weird, you can zig-zag the connecting edge of the first track so that it looks like a few smaller belts next to each other.

#2 keeping objects centered on track:
Have two tracks running side by side angled towards each other. Might help keep objects from getting stuck if running belts past walls?

#3 keeping crates in lanes on a wide track (untested):
Use method #2 side by side by side by side.

Methods #2 and #3 are inconvenient to create and change, so just put them where needed; preferrably in a spot that won't need future editng.

Edited: 01 January 2005 21:00

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James Bunting
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02 January 2005 00:41 (UK time)

Also when 2 in-line conveyor sectors connect there is a slip slip in the objects (they sort of leap forward a bit). Eventually they all bunch up.

This is just a minor error so I may not actually bother to fix it.

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