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Max Q

Joined: 11 March 2004
Posts: 1
11 March 2004 02:59 (UK time)

I've been thinking that the units would work better if they had a line of sight - you know, like in Metal Gear Solid and a lot of the other games. This would work good with the patrols and commands idea. It would also make stealth a sort-of option through parts of levels. Also, there should be ways to alert people to where you are, cameras, trip-wires, alarms. That could be tricky though. But cones of sight shouldn't be too hard.

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Dave Man

Joined: 19 October 2003
Posts: 374
12 March 2004 02:58 (UK time)

Alarms are simple, just make a tile that folows from a sprite or is unseebale that will get rid of a wall with enemys behind it or make a wall to make the level harder.

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Joined: 26 September 2003
Posts: 1152
26 March 2004 19:53 (UK time)

Stealth does make a game more interesting... in multiplayer it can be even more useful, although harder to program. I made the default chariture in my mod become invisible in multiplayer if he stands still long enough, although this only works if you don't have the always show playernames on.

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