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Joined: 12 March 2005
Posts: 9
12 March 2005 03:23 (UK time)

My suggestions are:

-Gravity: Maybe I'm stupid and haven't noticed, but weapon projectiles like the grenades could have gravity so they fall after a while.

-Timer: Again maybe the game already has this... timer for projectiles like hand grenades would be nice.

-Bounce: I don't think we have that, this could be used in conjuction with gravity to make realistic hand grenades that bounce when they hit the ground. A BounceCoeff should be included to determine how much is the speed reduced every bounce.

-Server List: Instead of just putting someone's IP, refreshing the list should show all the servers that are up and running.

-Shake & Flashes: For realistic explosions a Shake value could be used to shake the screen as many pixels as specified in it. A brief flash would also look cool, it should have a timer in order to be able to make Flashbang-like weapons.

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Joined: 02 November 2003
Posts: 979
12 March 2005 20:12 (UK time)

Gravity has been suggested before, excpet it was about movement. The grenade (sorta) bounce off walls, but thats about it.

Grenades that fall to the ground have also been suggested, and it is under consideration.

Nice idea with the timed projectiles :). We could make a cool C-4 weapon from that hehe.

Serverlists have also been suggested :)

Shakes and flashes... when battle mode is on and its nighttime, Meteor already does flashes. But shakes would be nice too.

Edited: 12 March 2005 20:13

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Joined: 12 March 2005
Posts: 9
12 March 2005 21:05 (UK time)

Gravity could also make some nice mines ;)

Another nice thing to see would be a scope for sniper rifle-like guns, or maybe tools like binoculars. Positions like prone would be cool in order to go beneath special tiles, aim better, dodge bullets and use the scope feature.

It would be awesome to have projectile trails, not only the default smoke trail; that way you could create realistic flamers, weapon shells and maybe even airstrikes. Projectile fragments would be neat as well to create realistic explosions with sparkles, smoke and shrapnel.

A small feature to add realism for "heavy" weapons like miniguns and rocket launchers would be recoil. The player would be pushed away with a customizable force, negative values could also be used to create jetpack-like weaps.

Edited: 12 March 2005 21:07

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