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Joined: 22 September 2003
Posts: 109
28 September 2003 19:19 (UK time)

You said that 1.2 is about 90% done is there a possibility that
it's ready during the next week/month?

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James Bunting
Joined: 17 September 2003
Posts: 1308
28 September 2003 23:08 (UK time)

That basically comes down to features, when I said that I was not planning on v1.1.3 coming out first.

Here are the current completed changes list for v1.1.3 to date:

<li>Fixed animation timing in the main menu.</li>
<li>Updated menu screen web address to (not</li>
<p><b>Map Editor</b></p>
<li>Added resize map function (under Advanced Map Tools).</li>
<li>The Change Theatre button has been removed from the main toolbar, it is
now under Advanced Map Tools.</li>
<li>While in Tiles mode the left and right cursor keys select the previous and
next tile.</li>
<li>While in Tiles mode the down arrow key opens the Select Tile bitmap
<li>Drawing with a large tile brush will not go off the edge of the map
anymore.  Before tiles drawn off the right of the map appeared on the
left (one line down) and tiles off the bottom of the map to caused major
stability issues!  Tiles are now clipped properly at the map borders.</li>
<li>Fixed the speed of the tile mouse pointer animation.</li>
<li>Fixed the positioning of the info text at the bottom of the screen.</li>
<li>Fixed timing issues with the credits.</li>
<p><b>Editing and Modding</b></p>
<li>Added some new space tiles (the first outer space tile 629 randomly
changes between Space 1 and Space 10 when the map is played).</li>
<p><b>Behind the Scenes</b></p>
<li>Separated timer code to a library and cleaned it up.</li>
<li>Improved sprite size retrieval speed (should make the Map Editor and game
a little smoother).</li>
<li>Numerous minor improvements.</li>

<b>These are more feaures for v1.1.3 (not yet completed)....</b>

<li>Game mods can now add there own credits (in front of the normal ones)</li>
<li>Music is now supported for mods from the mod's "music" folder.</li>
<li>Many modding improvements.</li>
<li>Fixed crash out bug in bitmap selectors.</li>
<li>Added 2 new maps, (Space Station) and (Pumping
<li>The player now walks in a perfectly straight line when moving horizontally
and vertically.</li>
<li>Fix copyright year!
<li>Allow player to move at different speeds
<li>Map Editor options - scroll speed
<li>Check all file types are moddable
<li>check for multiplayer


Basically the lists above where all for v1.2. However when it was decided that they would take some time v1.1.3 was added to get the important changes out. Some of the items in the second list will go into v1.1.3 whereas others (bigger and not so essential) will be in v1.2.

James Bunting.

Added: v1.1.3 is due any day now (a week or two)!

Edited: 30 September 2003 20:17

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