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Joined: 26 September 2003
Posts: 1152
26 March 2004 20:05 (UK time)

I think that it would be cool if the sprites and units names worked like the sounds names. There can be up to 10 different "boom" sounds so why not 10 different crate sprites or 10 slightly different basic infantry units? Also, random sprites(espescially the fire sprite) would add a bit more diversity to the game. Instead of having 3 bush sprites bush1, bush2, and bush3 you could select a bush sprite and it would randomly choose what bush it would be.

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Joined: 28 March 2004
Posts: 6
07 April 2004 09:30 (UK time)

Like in "Age of Empire 2: The Age of Kings", where you just clicked house, and the citizens build one of four random houses. That is awesome, makes the game more diverse. I really like that feature. In Meteor, it would be cool of the chicken-bots (AT-ST to all your Star-Wars freaks) would have markings, random in yellow, red, blue, green, purple etc.

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