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Meteor Source Graphics
This zip file contains all of the graphics used to creates the sprites in Meteor. It is unknown which version of Meteor these are from but it thought to be v1.0 or an earlier beta.

 MeteorSourceGfx.zip (906KB)

Author: James Bunting
Updated: 22/07/2005 23:47:15
Bully Meteor Mod
This is a sample mod entitled "Bully Meteor", it was made with a very old version of Meteor and may not work properly under v1.2 or later.

in this example total conversion you play as a stuffed dog looking for his friends in the forest (quite a change really).

Feel free to finish this off!

 BullyMeteorTest.exe (378KB)

Author: James Bunting
Updated: 22/07/2005 23:52:17
Meteor 2 Object Resource File
21 New Objects that anyone from the meteor community is entitled to use at their own disposal in their own mods. Objects included are:

1. Alternate Player - an Alternate player skin by VR_Rat
2. Ammo Crate - Generic wooden crate that drops bullets and rockets when killed
3. Armored Tank - A tank I drew that didnt get used in Crater.
4. ATV - An awesome buggy crafted from the ATV from the Alpha versions of M1.
5. Bronze Mech - A recoloration of the Big Mech from M1.
6. Cargo Heli - A giant Chinhook looking thing from the Alpha version of M1.
7. Giant Spider - A recoloration of the Giant Spider from Alpha M1.
8. JetSki - A fast ride-on water vehicle with no weapons by Aleksanteri.
9. JUH-60A - A helicopter I made a while back (Found in the Mod-Material thread)
10. Mafia Car - A cool Mafia getaway car with a mafioso peeking out the sunroof with a tommy gun.
11. Armored Mech - A cool little armored mech I made with dual miniguns.
12. SAM Site - A redrawn version of the SAM Site from Alpha M1
13. Scout Heli - A redrawn version of the Scout heli from Alpha M1.
14. Sherman Tank - A crappy tank I whipped up.
15. Sports Car - A McLaren Racer. Fantastic Land vehicle with no weapons.
16. Stoo Tank - A recrafted Stoo Tank by Aleksanteri
17. SuperCannon - some really big cannon by Aleksanteri
18. TEL Launcher - A recrafted version of the TEL Launcher from M1. (really big)
19. Tiny Hokum - A tiny remote control helicopter.
20. US Army Soldier - Self explanatory. Has desert Camo. uses Machinegun.
21. Wooden Barrel - A wooden barrel to take up space in your maps by Aleksanteri.

 MOR.zip ()

Author: Papercut
Updated: 20/04/2007 02:13:36