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Real Time Strategy Shooter 1,2&3
Lots of Changes!
There are now 3 different versions - all with Multiplayer Support and AI controlled units.
1: Simple buildings and regular Meteor weapos
2: Modded Meteor 2 Weapons (more damage basically)
3: Modded Weapons, and Complex Buildings and more maps.

RTSS Discussion Thread and Change log

Originally Released April 3rd, 2006 With this message
"Enjoy!!!!! =D =D =D =D Yep! those smilies always displayed progress on the mod. =P =P =P "

 RTSS.zip (6.35MB)

Author: me_mantis (Paul the Great)
Updated: 28/08/2010
Hackinators Signiture Mod
Quite an impressive mod. Its got an awesome sp, and coop campaign with animated texturing.

 HackinatorMeteor2.zip (17KB)

Author: Hackinator
Updated: 07/04/2006 14:41:26
Meteor 2 to Meteor 1 BETA
This mod is a beta release of the conversion of Meteor 1 to Meteor 2. Since MeteorMods.com is for Mods, Maps and the like, we will host your mods for free!

 M1ModBeta1.exe (10.5MB)

Author: Aleksanteri
Updated: 10/04/2006 14:44:14
Gunmetal BETA 1
A very promising modification for Meteor 2. This mod includes new weapons, sounds, graphics, and about everything that can be changed.

It is currently in a public beta testing phase, and is worth checking out.

Discuss it here.

 Gunmetal.zip (45MB)

Author: Mike323
Updated: 02/05/2006 02:59:52
The Ravagers of Time
Maybe in the near future, maybe tomorrow...
You seem to be the sole survivor of the M.A.C. takeover.
No, everyone isn't dead... itís worse. They are synchronized with iThink.
You've been coasting around the galaxy repairing the 7 bases(conveniently invisible) that still exist.
Although you thought they were completely hidden, a organic woodpaper note was left in the base Orion4.
It stated exactly what you needed to hear...
"180X60-Orion System P_6. The Direction House has been found. I'm going to find the Spickle Technology if itís the last thing I do."

You head off toward P_6 in your 64Class in search of adventure!

Extract TheRavagersOfTime.zip into your Meteor 2 folder.
Click Time.bat to play it, or use Meteor FE, or the Mods menu ingame.

This is a Total Conversion. However, does now use the Meteor 2 base folder.

To make a multiplayer map with all the custom abilities, start by saving the MP_Base.map as a different map, and follow the instructions in the included

There are many new things in the 2010.10 version. If only one person shops at once, the multiplayer is reasonably stable.

Starting by going up and right might lead to some surprises...


originally released around 04/05/2006

 RavagersOfTime.zip (62MB)

Author: me_mantis (Paul the Great)
Updated: 18/10/2010
Paintball Mod
A Multiplayer Oriented mod by Erik.

 Paintball mod 1.0.zip (46.5 KB)

Author: Erik
Updated: 02/02/2007
JTF-2 Mod Demo
A teaser of a soon-to-come mod by Canuck

 JTF2 mod demo.zip (1051.2 KB)

Author: Canuck
Updated: 19/06/2008
The original version on M2 did not include the Battlewalker unit from Meteor 1.

This mod adds this unit to M2.

It is included in later versions by default.

 Battlewalker.zip (58 KB)

Author: (not specified)
Updated: 01/09/2005
You are disturbed from your peaceful evening watching the hockey game by an anonymous phone call. The Association for Chaos, Anarchy and Destruction have hijacked three warships in the Arctic Ocean! You, as Lieutenant Stefan Tallard of Joint Task Force Two--Canada's elite special operations team--have been given the task of eliminating the terrorists, freeing the ships' crews and preventing an international disaster. You hop on board the perilous Sea King helicopter and head north to put an end to the crisis....

This mod features a complete set of new weapons (including the devastatingly powerful 20mm Cannon!), new objects, graphics, powerups, sounds, and maps. It is for the "Meteor 2 v1.30 beta 1 (full stable)" version of Meteor 2.

 JTF-2 Mod.zip (8.7 MB)

Author: Canuck
Updated: 30/08/2008
description: A less violent approach of playing M2. (^^,)

 Kawaii mod.zip (135KB)

Author: PetiX
Updated: 20/03/2010
Real Time Strategy Shooter 2013
This is a new and improved version of the Real Time Strategy Shooter.

Gameplay has been improved over the 2010 versions.

More Maps, options, unit abilities, tech options, buildings, building options, graphics, and more.

Much of the original Meteor 2 game balance remains, but with a few tweaks, such as stronger turrets and a front firing fusion cannon.

It even includes a tech tree map that details the costs and requirements of every structure in game.

It's mainly designed for multiplayer LAN, but does include single player & coop missions as well. It also works well online over Hamachi.

 RTSSReg.zip (2MB)

Author: me_mantis (Paul the Great)
Updated: 18/09/2013