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Joined: 10 March 2007
Posts: 476
20 February 2018 09:12 (UK time)

Activity is in the eye of the beholder. Thankyou James :)

EDIT: Also the rest of, including game and mod downloads.
Also known as Veyrdite
My website: you may meet me when you sleep. In the darkest corners of your dreams, where your phone stops working and you don't know what to do. I'll be there; telling you that I don't support your device.

"Can't you just fix-"
NO! I told you when you bought this, when it goes wrong I can't fix it. It's filled with glue. The Greek goddess of glue Araldities herself would be impressed with this.

Please stop asking me for technical support during your dreams. Can't we just tour some surreal landscapes instead?

"How do I do that?"

Count your fingers. Keep trying. Make sure there's ten.

Then summon me. I am large and covered in wires. Clouds of baking soda pour into your world and a slightly weak yellowy glow appears from the LED strips behind me.

If you can see this message then you're already part of the way there. Keep all your styles disabled and you might see the dream within.

"But there's so much javascript everywhere! I can't see you. Help! I've forgotten to count my fingers! Where do I find them?"

The LED strip behind me pops and goes out. Dark spots appear in the centre of each light. I lift my finger to my lips. The smell of tantalum capacitors fills the air.

Ssh. Don't worry about that. Behind those frameworks there's another person sleeping.

Some day the javascript will sleep too.

Edited: 20 February 2018 09:13

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Joined: 26 June 2007
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20 February 2018 10:26 (UK time)

Yep, and thanks to Spy for notifying him of it :D:choc

Btw, the registrations may still be broken because of a confirmation email it has to send out. Haven't checked it tho

This link is dead. It's only still here because, err... yknow, it's some sort of... memorial.

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