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Joined: 10 July 2004
Posts: 142
08 August 2005 22:53 (UK time)

When creating the folder with your mod in it do you need to include everything it uses like even the regular weapons or just the things you made and changed?

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James Bunting
Joined: 17 September 2003
Posts: 1308
09 August 2005 00:16 (UK time)

Just whats changed is the golden rule.

Basically if you are running a mod then it looks for all files in the mod folder tree first so they take priority.

If you want to modifiy any of the 3 ini files in the base folder (or the map list) then you need to edit these in your mod folder.

- The mod manager copies all of these files to your mod folder
- The editors will open the files in your mod folder by default

So you see its all pretty simple really.

Edited: 09 August 2005 00:17

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