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Joined: 10 July 2004
Posts: 142
04 January 2005 01:03 (UK time)

Is there anyway for anyone to mod a gun for meteor 2 thats like the gravity gun from half life 2? You could only pick up crates and bareels and other small items.

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Joined: 03 January 2004
Posts: 1799
04 January 2005 21:50 (UK time)

I doubt it, it would take a huge list of coding to do it that no one would really want to do. But we all know that the gravitygun on HL2 is the most fun and creative gun ever lol. But the point is were not going to steal a copyright weapon from HL2, maybe we can think of a gun thats even better?
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Edited: 05 January 2005 03:05

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