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Joined: 01 July 2009
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01 July 2009 20:22 (UK time)

I know there may be hundreds of topics concerning this but I need help like quickly.

So i've created everything needed for a new weapon, added it in the items/Powerups section. Put the powerup on a level.

However, when the character picks up the powerup. It dissapears and displays the powerup name

But it doesn't appear in the inventory. I can't use the weapon.

This is what i've done:

I've created the weapon [Added a name, added projectile and stuff]

I've made it a powerup [Went into Item editor, made it so you can only carry one of it and added a powerup for it along with ammunition for it]

Where did I go wrong?

Help is appreciated =3

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01 July 2009 20:25 (UK time)


First, welcome to the forums! Try opening the player character editor. Load the standart Meteor character and attach the weapon. ;) EDIT: Sorry. There is not a player character editor in M2. you must open the object editor and load the player. There is a button called "Edit weapon mounts" (a tank with a yellow figure). Press it and add your weapon.
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Edited: 01 July 2009 21:37

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02 July 2009 22:22 (UK time)

Also make sure in the weapon editor, that the "Associated Item" is the Item you made upon pickup. If you give the player object the weapon as a new weapon mount, the player will start with the weapon by default unless you do that.
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03 July 2009 10:09 (UK time)


Well, umm.. I'm not experienced in M2 that much. Anyway welcome to Hell! the Forums! ;)
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