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Joined: 25 January 2007
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30 January 2007 23:22 (UK time)

Wouldnt it be cool if James could combind the beam weapon idea with tracking + hitting multiple targets? Idea: CHAIN LIGHTNING! (Or Ball Lightning but thats so cheap). If this happens, then the lighting hitting the ground could be implemented as a unit thats set to PURE EVIL and then made invulnernable and given a "Lightning Bolt" set to fire at random intervals. The bolt should only like 30% kill cuz ppl can survive lighting strikes AKA they dont always die. There should be building zones where the lightning can't hit.
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Joined: 03 January 2004
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31 January 2007 00:14 (UK time)

Im confused.

Lightning strikes from the sky when the lightning weather for a map is set?

Or like the electrogun from GTA2? (Picture below)

Or a mix of the both?
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Joined: 20 January 2006
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31 January 2007 20:21 (UK time)

Basically he is saying implement harmful lightning as and added challenge

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