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Joined: 30 July 2006
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13 August 2006 00:15 (UK time)

I am considering making a mod, and one idea I thought of was to make bullets that don't impact instantly; instead, I used a new sprite that was about 50 x 1 pixels, that simulated the tracer round effect in M2, but the speed was set to 50 instead of -1. Long story short, my rounds go very fast, but don't hit instantly like they do normally. This makes long range sniping more realistic, as well as allowing me to make lasers that do impact instantly (y'know, like real lasers go faster than bullets).
Unfortunately, these projectiles seem to have trouble going through small areas, like doors and narrow hallways. (Though they don't seem to get caught on corners) Does anyone know exactly how the area of effect of a projectile is calculated, so I can figure out what's wrong?

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Joined: 26 September 2003
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13 August 2006 04:52 (UK time)

Interesting idea. I tried taking the regular bullet and adding sub bitmaps on them, and it gives you pretty much the same effect without the strange CD.

Glad you're interested in Meteor 2!

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