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Joined: 02 November 2003
Posts: 979
02 November 2003 18:25 (UK time)

I realize that 1.2 isnt comming out anytime soon. =*(.
heres a few suggestions for the next "upgrade":

1.make it so that to win a mission on some levels, you have to do something. (like kill a boss or something...) Not always an exit swich.

2.Triggers (like said in that one thread)

3. 2 PLAYERS!!!! =)

4. the player can enter some viecles. (it might add some features to the player while in a viecle, such as while a player is in an ambulence, his health will steadily increase... ect)

5. availibilty to draw sprites in the game.

Hope you take some of these into consideration! Thanks!

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James Bunting
Joined: 17 September 2003
Posts: 1308
02 November 2003 23:32 (UK time)

1) Remeber that you can always make a boss drop a key when you waste him!

2) Well you can trigger sound. As for hurting I don't see the point as the player could already be on 1 health or something! As for music you could use WAV files (just be sensible about sample rates and track length).

3) Probably not in Meteor but I will be making up for it soon!

4) See 3

5) Problem already addressed but... (see 3 for rest of sentence).

PS: About 2, I am aware of sound issues with modding, this is being looked into.

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Joined: 25 March 2004
Posts: 145
08 May 2004 05:53 (UK time)

Vehicles seems nice, like driving a tank and being able to use it's turret, that'd be cool, or being able to hijack enemy vehicles, or combines and hatchbacks (or sheep!!)

or a fixed gun turret u can hop up on and frag the baddies with

Sprite Drawing, like to see, but as James said, maybe in the next meteor

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