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Joined: 31 March 2005
Posts: 7
09 April 2005 16:36 (UK time)

This mod does not work, when u click on it, it brings you to a page that says page is not longer availible. The other mods work, just not this one. I remember myself havin g this mod a long time ago and i liked it. If anyone can fix this glitch or w/e it is, That would be very very cool

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Joined: 02 February 2004
Posts: 90
22 April 2005 22:51 (UK time)

Actually its easy to make the flying hover craft mod but right now im working on a mod map that im just going to use canyon but I want to be able to use my new mods on it like the a10 that isnt attached to a apache/orca and also my hover craft jet harvester all that good stuff :D

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