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Joined: 11 February 2005
Posts: 1
11 February 2005 03:59 (UK time)

I have spent countless hours these last few weeks searching for two C&C wav files, and I finally found ONE of them on this website, but I cannot download it because of some error.

"Reinforcements have arrived"

"Unit lost"

These are the two sound files I really need, and if ANYONE can link me to them and/or fix the "Tiberian Sun Sound Boinks" thing, that'd be great.

Thank you!

(reply to my e-mail if possible please. thanks)

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Joined: 02 February 2004
Posts: 90
22 February 2005 02:03 (UK time)

Well Have you tried the xcc mixer or try or idk but add me to msn I can prolly use the xcc mixer and get them there all in ther.

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