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Joined: 26 January 2006
Posts: 2
26 January 2006 03:10 (UK time)

I made the official Renegade player map as an all-in-one. In my humble opinion, this is way better than splitting the community in many pieces. There are enough forums about Renegade and I don't want to have a bunch of maps (each serving the world!). I think one central Map is enough -isn't it?

My Map is now posted on the most important forums I know worldwide (~50), only a few are missing. On my map people can choose between red and orange Pins. This will specify whether if your loyality depends on GDI or NOD. But you can just leave it pink as a neutral Pin too. You can add a picture, shout out a comment and PLZ USE YOUR WOL/GSA Nick!

Please understand my thoughts, I'm tired of surfing to hundreds of sites to gather information about Renegade and it's community members. You others should agree to this. Thx

Here we go= -only active Renegade players plz. The map is up since 24 hours now and has over 100 members already so go for it!

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