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23 March 2005 02:39 (UK time)

Ok first off this is some good glass hints if you guys kno much about renegade then you know you have a first and 3rd person view to get to the 3rd person or switch back to first u press f unless you changed it any ways if you are in the third person view which lets you see the whole back side of the character, while in this view stand at and edge of a wall so people wont see u but if u notice the camera will extend to let u see them but u cant shoot until u move into aiming zone also if your in first person view you can put ur gun into the glass in the tunnel and fire if you hear it hit the glass then ur not doing it right which this way u can shoot enemys threw glass without getting in trouble unless its in the rules and 1 more tip when your by the glass hit f8 or ~ and type in to press space bar then hit enter the glass will disappear so you can see ur enemys better but u cant walk threw them.

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