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Joined: 17 April 2004
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17 April 2004 09:53 (UK time)

I posted this mainly because i noticed there are no posts in stategies/tactics....

A couple tips for sniping:...

1. If you like to camp in the same spot while you snipe (usually a bad idea), i suggest using the $500 sniper. The bullets cannot be seen with it unlike the $1000 and is less likely to give away your location. Keep in mind that their rifle is half as powerful...try to get headshots as much as possible.

2. If you see an enemy sniper, don't just run out and shoot at them because there is a good chance they are looking right at you and you will die very quickly. It's best to flank them if possible and take them out from behind. Otherwise, if you are sniping, go behind cover (wall, building etc.) crouch and look through your scope, then slowly move out of cover until the sniper's head is just in view...then fire away!

3. Keep moving from cover to cover....if an enemy sees you before you kill them, they may come after you when they respawn. Try to avoid bunkers - they are one of the most obvious places to look for a sniper.

If you enjoy sniping but arent too good at it i hope this helps. I use these tactics as well as a few others....but i wont give them all away, otherwise the tables may turn on me. :p

Remember: These tactics work for me, but not necessarily everyone else.

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