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Joined: 24 January 2005
Posts: 107
30 December 2005 08:15 (UK time)

It is hard to get Headshots, i know but here are some helpful hints:

-Go into your controls section of the options and change primary fire's secondary button to a button on the keybord. Then when in combat, keep the retical leval with there head and shoot with the button you assigned. Wile still straffing back and forth. When its trigger is on the mouse, you will most likely move the retical up and down, but if the retical is level with there head and the button is on the keybord, it will always stay level and you will get a Head shot faster.

-Don't Jump back and forth, this makes it harder for you to aim and your heath is going down wether you jump around or not. If anything, duck if your going to dodge.

-If your hidden, and you see a person running sideways from you (not knowing your there.) Aim for their head and then move the retical about two steps infront of them, then shoot. That gives them time to run into the shot.

-Always shoot in the direction they are going. If you shoot at them, odds are... you will miss.

(Ill post more if i think of more)

Edited: 30 December 2005 23:08

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