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Joined: 24 January 2005
Posts: 107
30 December 2005 08:02 (UK time)

Simply "accidently" say something in public chat like:

"ok, guys u ready to rush pp?"
"Go attack the wep"
"lol!, im in there refinery!!!"
"Im ready to attack ob! hurry up!"

or something like that, when your not really doing any of those things. After you type something like that say something on the lines of "...oops, wrong chat, sorry". Get one of your teamates in on the gag and tell them to start yelling at you for posting vital info in public chat. The enemy team will get the message that you accidently typed vital info over public chat and go protect or do something to counter what you said. That gives you an opening for an attack or rush.

Edited: 30 December 2005 08:04

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Joined: 13 November 2003
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17 January 2006 21:24 (UK time)

That is fun to do.

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