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Joined: 24 January 2005
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30 December 2005 07:56 (UK time)

*NOTE: This requires the "Lock Camera to Turret" enabled. Go to "Better vehicular accuracy" in this section.

On GDI in Walls, get an MRLs. Go the the left side of the map from GDI Base (right side from Nod base) Turn the MRL backwards from their base and find the right position by the rock and turn slightly leaning in towards the cliff and attack the hand of the Hand of Nod. If your in the correct spot the rockets should fly up and over the cliff in the center of the field and hit the hand presisly. This makes it look like the rockets are coming from on top of the cliff.

This only fakes out Nod about 20% of the time, but I just thought you should know this.

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