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30 December 2005 07:45 (UK time)

1. Ok when on either of these maps on Nod, you are able to quickly rush the enemy base. All you need is a partner and 300 credits. With the 300 creds, tell your partner to get an engineer. next both of you get into the buggy. Drive around to Nods Tiberium Field and go through the whole in the wall between the wall and the building. All you have to do is drive straigt to the back of their Tiberium Refinery. On the way there shoot the Weapons Factory to get the announcement that its under attack. When you behind the Refinery keep driving to the GDI Power Plant, don't stop you wont blow up from the AGT. It will hardly even hit you.
When you arrive at the powerplant, tell your partner to place c4 in it. When they come out, you place more c4. Wait for it to blow up and BOOM!!! the game is yours for the taking!

2. A way to fake out the enemy team with an APC rush is to make sure that someone from the enemy team knows that you are rushing with and APC. Go in the direction of there powerplant and then once you reach the building on the side, hit the breaks and turn infront of the building and head for there Base Defence. (AGT or Obilisk)
It is important they know you are coming because they will automaticly think that your going to rush the powerplant so they will go there and await your attack. But if you head to the BD, they will have to run all the way accross there base to get there and by the time they get there it will be too late.

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