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Joined: 14 August 2004
Posts: 3
14 August 2004 01:05 (UK time)

Hello everyone. Im new here. I want to know that is there a way to make a controllable GDI Guard Tower and Nod Turret, How can i make long Range homing Missile, and how can i make the Nod Gun Emplacement fires Guard Tower Bullets? Can any tell me here or mayb email me at or

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Joined: 15 September 2004
Posts: 6
15 September 2004 22:03 (UK time)

wow u people are bigger noobs then on noobstories! Honesty! goto for good tutorial on map making, they have everything!

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Joined: 05 December 2004
Posts: 51
06 December 2004 01:19 (UK time)

lol they r speaking of dropmods...

well thought there r forums but hard to find, make a ring with all those howtos..

btw u can attach some emplacements on agt. right now i only have this...check it out

get help

<h1>im trying to <b>create a renegade tutorial ring</b>, please visit and read, dont just download
</h1>wanna know <i>howto, or post ya knowledge</i> <li>well goto
<a href="" title="skin,mod tutorial">tutorials</a> or visit
</h1><a href="" title="skin,mod tutorial">chatroom</a>

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Joined: 24 January 2005
Posts: 107
24 January 2005 20:11 (UK time)

temp or modifiy the gun/turret u wanna go in.
click on the transition tab then click on the dropdown bar and make it to vehical enter. Next click add then ajust the size of the box so it fits around the gun/turret then move Havoc to the edge of the box and also make shore his feet are on the ground then click ok.

Now click add again and do the same thing but make it a vehical exit instead. Then click ok and u should be set

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