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Joined: 12 November 2003
Posts: 1
12 November 2003 15:46 (UK time)

Hi everone!
I was wondering if anyone here new how to animate the camera as help is needed to create a mod with a starting movie, please note I have read all the tutorials I can find on this but more detail is required, thanks for the help!

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Joined: 12 October 2003
Posts: 3
16 November 2003 17:57 (UK time)

its realy difficult to make movies. you need to learn scripts and you must know how to make maps, edit vehicle parameters to a specific term, know how to make skins and you must also know how to use animation tools like flash MX. if you know how to use flash then scrips would be a bit easier but unfortunately i cannot offer you any help other than this.

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Joined: 05 December 2004
Posts: 51
06 December 2004 00:28 (UK time)

yea thats quite a big topic

I made once an animation: while testing scripts i initialized an animation with a c130 dropmod, i came across combinating some scenes from single player. after the animation was over i could play again but some parts of the "movie" were still above the air strip lols

i will upload how i made any otha animations

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