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Joined: 26 June 2007
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30 August 2009 15:23 (UK time)

I just discovered a new bug in the forum after I typed my previous message.
Try this without the space: < ), or > ).
You'll get: <;) and >;).

I suppose that the reason of this bug is probably cause < and > are converted to "&l t;" and "&g t;" (w/o quotes and spaces) which is actually how to type < and > without starting/stopping HTML tags.
Now if it's being displayed as: "& l t ; )" w/o quotes and spaces, the forum sees that as &l t; instead of < and thus processes the bold part.

(EDIT: Ya, my theory is correct, check the source of this page)

This link is dead. It's only still here because, err... yknow, it's some sort of... memorial.

Edited: 30 August 2009 15:32

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