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Joined: 11 November 2008
Posts: 60
29 July 2013 11:27 (UK time)

I was doing some M2 modding and noticed that my allies were hostile towards anything I shot at, even each others and me :-O (if I entered vehicle I had shot).

edit. Noticed now that allied units don't attack hostile units (hostile m2 default units still attack allied). If someone (me or npc) shoots any object mod objects attack it.

edit2. Even neutral units shoot damaged units :-O. But there is now one working unit. I'm out out of ideas :|

Only objects added by mod are doing it, original objects act normal but are still targeted.

Mod attached if you want to see how it happens/what it modifies. Just start new game and shoot any object.

edit4. Stupid me, units were tagged as medics/mechanics :|. Forget this all.
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 mod is in (646.6 KB) ZIP File Archive

It is I, Hirmuolio.

Edited: 30 July 2013 08:21

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Joined: 26 September 2003
Posts: 1145
31 July 2013 01:43 (UK time)

That's pretty hilarious. Cheers!

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Joined: 06 February 2005
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02 August 2013 13:05 (UK time)

lol, nice idea btw for some papercutish workarounds :D
kawaii-chan益田清次 / Masuda Seiji / PetiX

Meteor FE+ This version has 'Close FE after starting a mod' option.

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